Field Research Tasks with thumbnail Pokémon image



There are many Field Research Tasks and it is very difficult to remember all the reward Pokémon.

Niantic can change the grass thumbnail with thumbnail Pokémon image to make it more easy like the Stardust and items.


I imagine if this was implemented it would show what pokemon could appear by touching the specific research task.


There are research tasks with more than one pokémon posible to show up. So, which of them would they show??


I think it would show all possible encounters, most research tasks have 1 to 3 pokemon that can appear.


I think it’s good the way it is I like the fact that it’s a surprise every time


Personally to get around this problem I just downloaded a list of all the possible encounters/reward that I might get after completing the research task. I always check if I’m not sure but by now I know which ones to keep and which ones to trash


That list looks mighty handy. About how much of it is likely to change with the start of the new Adventure Week starting Tuesday?


good question, probably won’t be overhauled a lot (if at all) since it’s for May and June. And most of the events always say something like Adventure Week: Catch X Pokémon or Detective Pikachu: Catch X Pokémon so it’s distinguishable from the normal research tasks