Field Research Catch Reward Dissapeared after viewing the reward


Hello this may not seem like much of an issue to you, but it’s a huge issue to me. I recently completed the Let’s Go: Hatch 2 Eggs Aerodactyl reward field research. I clicked on the reward to view it, I was planning on saving it for when I get to the Let’s Go stage where you need to catch a Aerodactyl. So I click the run button to save it for that stage. Now the reward is no where to be found. Is this a glitch? This never happened to me before.


Its either in your “claim rewards” pile at the normal field research, or you already caught it. Only 2 reasons i can come up with.

Sidenote: That “claim rewards” pile has a limit of 100. I have no idea what happens when you hit that.


Where’s the claim rewards pile?


Put a finger on the list and move it up and down. You will see that the list moves up and down as well.
When the Aerodactyl is saved, then you will find it on top of the list (the first one)


Awww thank you, I am too stoopid to figure that one out.


Not stoopid at all.
I think you would be surprised how many have discovered by accident that the quests can scroll.


Awesome because I never save rewards and will have to start with that one.


After you run away from a research encounter, the Pokémon is placed at the bottom of the rewards pile, meaning that they are placed from oldest to newest encounter in the pile.


I also panicked when that happened to me before, but was relieved when I accidentally scroll the list and find it there! :grin: I even think it was a bug seeing four entry instead of just three :joy:


Since a limit of 100 research encounters has been in place, even though this function is not recommended, I think it’s more fair to show the number of research encounters in the pile instead of simply removing the oldest if exceeds 100 so that players know when to clean up the pile.