Festive Pikachu with Special Hat


Many festive Pikachu with special hats have been released on multiple occasions, how many Pikachu do you keep for each kind of hat?


Last time I culled the herd, I kept 2 of each.


Two of best CP?


Yes. I didn’t care if it was previous year. I know some people care but I don’t have enough storage space for that nonsense.


1 or 0. dont really care much for the hats.


I was keeping multiples of each but with each new issue the room they take up and tracking the best few just became a nightmare to manage.
I’ve started culling the list back to 1 of each only unless 100%
1 Picchu, 1 Pikachu and 1 Raichu no more.


I really don’t know why people all love Pikachu with a special hat. I couldn’t care less about it. I prefer the regular one. But I hatched a shiny Pichu with a Christmas hat, so I’ll save it for trading in case someone wants it.


I’ve given letters from A to G to the different types, being A the standard Pikachu, and I have:
A: 12x (Standard)
B: 5x (Black cap)
C: 4x (Summer hat and sunglasses)
D: 4x (Halloween)
E: 5x (Party hat)
F: 5x (Santa Claus)
G: 2x (Red and White cap)

And the same to Raichu, adding the Alola version…


That’s the only reason I kept 2 is to trade one if someone needs it.


I generally keep the one or two highest-CP per-hat-type. It bugged me to notice that my current Santa hat Pikachus have entirely displaced the older ones, though – I wanted to see whether the older Santa hats still stayed put. (The current hats stand up askew when you have a ball in hand to throw at it, which is entertaining but still weird and represents a different hat to me.)


1 or 2