Features in Wizards Unite That Need to be in Pokémon Go


  • More Gyms and Poke stops
    Yes, please. Pokemon GO is 3 years old and we still don’t have Poke stop submission system. Give us all portals from Ingresss like you did with Harry Potter WU and PoGO needs its own OPR.

  • Better story
    We need to know more about our leaders (and Professor Willow). We need some sort of interaction with them (to help them when they ask, to battle together against raid bosses, they should praise us when we achieve something important…). Team Rocket is a great opportunity for a storyline.

  • Daily rewards
    In Harry Potter WU you get rewards for just logging in and they become better every day. We should be able to get something like this in PoGO (XP, stardust, incubators, coins, TMs…).

  • Rewards for achievements
    When you get a gold medal in PoGO you don’t get anything special (the ability to buy clothes :-1:). In Harry Potter you get so much. We should be getting something useful for achieving bronze, silver, gold medals (coins, incubators, starpiece, rare candy, TM…) and for completing the Pokedex (shiny charm).

  • Poke stop and gym photo disc timer
    So that you know how much time is left before you can spin it again.

  • The player card
    It should be more detailed with all our achievements and not like it is now that you only can see it when waiting in raids, or your friends can see your card, but you can’t.

  • Items on the ground
    It would be cool if we could find items on the ground as we walk in PoGO (poke balls, lucky eggs, eggs, potions, revives, rare candy…).

  • Better lures
    If you put 2 or 3 lures on a Poke stop, it gives you rare spawns, shinies and better IVs.

  • Ability to see who is raiding from far away
    You can see in Harry Potter WU if someone’s battling at the fortress because it looks different on the map.


Really somebody needs more arguments to show it’s a good (better?) game?

Niantic! Please! Add some of these features to PoGo!!!


It is rolled out to more counties every month. Think that next week more counties will follow. (I think Japan is one of them).
[Edit, posted a better picture]

It might be a work in progress already with Team Rocket. It is still a wild guess what Niantic has planned.

Yes Please, give this nerd some more stats. :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:


Poke stop submissions beta began in September 2018. It’s been almost a year. How many more months until it’s released worldwide? It’s taking too long. And it shouldn’t depend only on Ingress players. Harry Potter WU already has more POIs since its launch.


I feel like some of the features in HP wizards Unite were pushed by WB and that’s why it has more feature then PoGo. Probably wrong but that’s just my thought


Could be, but Niantic could learn. Or do you think that these feature have exclusive rights for HP?


I feel like niantic learned from their mistakes when the first released PoGo and I think one or two features are because WB pushed for them and they could be exclusive


I do dabble a bit in WU, it doesn’t appeal too much to me (and I do like Harry Potter, don’t know how often I’ve read the books and seen the movies…), but I like seeing how they solved certain things. And there are some really interesting approaches which would be great for PoGo, too.

There really is no reason not to add all POIs in their database to all their games. They really should, and some kind of OPR for all games (or first for PoGo and then later for WU) is definitely needed as well.

Story… yeah… I don’t know… I’d love to have some more story, but I’m a bit torn about that. The story in WU doesn’t make too much sense to me currently and sounds a bit farfetched. My main problem with it is - WHEN is all that happening? Harry’s an Auror already, but the Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley foundables look like their teenage selves… Or maybe I just don’t really get what those foundables are… (I’m not trying to start a dicussion about this…)
A bit of story, yeah… But maybe better / longer special researches are enough. And who knows what Team Rocket will bring…

I’d definitley support better rewards. The login rewards are great, the rewards for achievements, too. There are more ways to earn coins (I mean: up to 100 coins just for logging in?!? Yes please), and the daily tasks don’t need to be collected somewhere (though, they are always the same… I prefer the variation from PoGo).

I also like the timer at inns (Pokéstops) and the ability to stack dark detectors (lures).


It’s supposed to take place between book 7 and Cursed Child, the reason why You can find Teenage Ginny, Luna, Ron etc is supposedly due to the curse/spell and that causes different objects/people from the past to be “foundables” At least that’s my understanding


that sounds reasonable, thanks


NP, I was confused for a bit as well had to do some googling and asking friends who are more HP fans than me


You can spin a Pokestop every five minutes, and once you spin it, it turns purple, and when time is almost up and then you can spin again, the stop will slowly transform from purple to cyan blue.


For once Niantic isn’t rushing things,


It looks like each month, two new countries get access to POI submission.


They still make way more money off PoGo, so I think we are good.


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