Favourite Quotes On Hub


This is a english spelling, I think…
I just used it because I got sick of people making me switch from favorite to favourite


Actually it came on Wednesday
niantic is greater than us


I wasn’t awake then :sob: but only tl 40 and 37 us if I’m thinking straight.


This quote was posted on the forum in Team Rocket Day thread


@Pokemon: why are you up at 4 in the morning
@Jormdeworm: Because @Mew1 and I are have waited a month with opening Gift to Lucky Egg the Best Friend status😂 Since he is only online when I sleep
And I just woke up




@Jormdeworm, I’m sorry


No problem😂


I’m up at 4 in the morning all the time. So I can take your gym on my way to work.


I was still sleeping I see


But it didn’t even happen


It was released for everyone on thursday



Thought I’d share that exchange with you guys.