Favourite Quotes On Hub


Many people say great thing on this forum, and I wanted to use this opportunity to show everyone some quotes that I like. You can also post quotes of other hub members that meant alot to you.
Favorite three:
@Robdebobrob replies to great minds think alike with “fools minds rarely differ”
@MEME said “how to beat the bliss eater”
@Alaskabear41 said, replying to @MEME’s crazy poll: " I had no idea what to put, I just put
"Alot of 1000 "


That was about us awww


Ya… so nice!:joy:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


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@Jormdeworm :

@discobot sucks.


Thanks for mentioning me.


OMG THAT WAS discobots first ever like!


I’m going nuts




This is a really good one


Thank you :grin::+1:


Quote by yours truly




May the shiny odds be ever in your favour!




This Made me laugh hard


Lol and watch caterpie get nerfed also


I am not a level 40 yet but sometimes i read whats in that topic


And of course:


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Huh? @Brobraam