Favourite post-GO fest event bonus?


Mine is the bonus stardust cause there are so many pokemon I want to power up like my Golems. The reduced egg distances and increased spawns actually helped a lot with the grind, managed to get 125k in 4 days! Quite amazing when I look back actually :open_mouth:


Everything was perfect except for we didn’t get increased item drops from Pokestops. We only have 1 Pokestop where I work, so with the increased spawn rates, I wasn’t able to keep up and kept running out of balls. All was good though and I switched over to my daughter’s account. She plays on an iPod touch with WiFi and just catches stuff next to our house. I had filled up her bag with Pokeballs before the event started. I caught her a Dragonite and her first 2 Pikachus. Leveled her up from 8 to 14 also. Never needed to hit the Pokestop. She was much more excited about getting the Pikachu than the Dragonite. She is 7. Looks like this event has gotten a new player.


The increased CANDY bonuses are amazing! Hatched a Larvitar from a 10km egg with 64 candies!!!


The XP. For sure. This even got me from level 34 to 36, in just a FEW DAYS!


The XP is awesome. In less than 2 days, I got my daughter from Level 8 to 18.


The egg distance reduction really sold it for me.


I hatched a few 10km eggs really fast on Monday but with the 50 coin a day limit, you can’t buy egg incubators fast enough. I decided that I’m going to just buy bag storage and Pokemon storage until I max out. I’ve reached the end of need for incubators now since I have everything except for Legendaries and Regionals now.


The double dust was best for me & the double points were awesome too


The candy blew me away got 180 larvitar candy from 3 eggs and 128 mareep from 2 eggs but I hatched a Chansey with only 36 or so candy was bummed ( not ) still good though !!!


Dust, XP, Eggs in that order. I managed 700K dust, 5 million XP and tons of candy. If I had 4 more days I would have hit level 40. Really enjoyed the event!