Favourite pokemon


Post your favourite pokemon here



For no other reason than I like the look of it as I like Otters and it reminds me of an Otter.




My favourite Pokemon is the beast that single-handedly brole the DPOU metagame and was the first non-shadow tag non-legendary and non-mythical to be banned, Garchomp


Then why is your name Necrozmadabest and not Garchompdabest? :sweat_smile:




Like how you had to add non-shadow tag because the far superior wobbuffet was the first non-legendary banned. Also, Froslass is the best Pokémon in my opinion?


Buffet was banned because Buffet on buffet couldve been an endless battle
Garchomp was banned because it was so brutal in lots of aspects and having no OU counters


He’s my favourite from watching Pokémon with my two boys, when they were little. I always felt sad when he got injured :grin:


it won’t let me see pictures on any device


Not sure if Tyranitar, who looks like a awesome godzilla, or Lucario, a werewolf who kicks and punches.

This question should always be “who’s your 20 favorite pokemon”. Too many to decide!










Is it good?


Not really…
Only 78 IV