Favorite Shiny: Colors


What are your favorite Shinies? The catch is you can only name one for each color.
Here is my list for example:
My favorite red shiny is Gyrados
Blue shiny is gliscor
Green shiny is Ursuring
Purple shiny is honchakrow
Yellow shiny is altaria
Pink shiny is weavile
Black shiny is Charizard
White/grey Metagross
(Idk if this is a duplicate topic, if so feel free to close)


Favorite green is espeon :grin:


You are asking me something difficult, but this is what I made from it:

Red: Moltres
Blue: Sceptile
Green: Can’t choose between Kabutops, Salamence & Espeon
Purple: Can’t choose between Kyogre, Dragonair & Spheal
Yellow: Piloswine
Pink: Blissey
Black: Rayquaza
Grey: Ninetales
Orange: Shellder
Brown: Entei


Purple: Kyogre


I forgot about orange! And yeah I had trouble choosing some Pokémon for colors as well.


Black: CHARIZARD! :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


I thought that would be lapras


Oh I mean Lapras :sweat_smile:


Here’s a list of my favourite shiny Pokémon


Yeah Shiny Lapras is a nice one as well


Thanks @Lingyujie now I know that the best green is Hulk


shiny lapras is purple



I know :joy: