Favorite generation for GO


I’m curious to know what generation(s) everyone is excited to see in Pokémon GO! Mine is fourth gen! I absolutely love the first gen Pokemon getting evolutions!


I love Gen1, it just seems (to me) like it’s the most flawless generation, where every Pokemon Actually belongs.


Gen 4, 5 and 7
So of course mostly evolutions, Garchomp and Ultra Necrozma


With Gen 4 will come balance for almost all types and also the evolutions of many old pokemon, next gens improve some areas but they are not as changing.


We are currently getting my favourite generation, but as a second i would say either 6’th or 7’th, cause i want both megas and alolan versions. Especially Alolan Eggxecutor, just imagie having that poking out of your local gym :joy:


I grew up playing gen 1 and 2, so they are my favorite. I am learning gen 3 as I go right now, but absol is my second favorite design I’ve seen (behind ninetails). I wish I could have caught more than one before everyone started only caring about groudon. Groudon is cool, but the design seems a little lazy.


First generation is hands down my favorite, so much style. I’m learning the new generations and having fun.


Generation 4 as it consists of new evolutions.