Ex raids are ending?


I saw somewhere on the internet which i guess never believe anything until you hear the facts… But I heard that the EX raids more are being sent out this weekend and this is the last chance to catch mewtwo… Is this correct???


Absolutely not. If anything, we’ll be seeing more Mewtwo with time. The whole EX raid concept is still in testing.


Pokemon Go JP twitter mentioned cancelling the Japanese tests due to complications, but I don’t know about the rest of this.


face palm

Stop believing everything you read on the internet, do some do some research first.


That is why i came on here to ask plus i didn’t believe it was just asking if anyone had heard what was happening and letting people know i saw somewhere saying that they were ending and this is the last chance to catch mewtwo.


Why would people think they were ending when the EX raids are still in beta and are yet to be released world wide?!


PoGo JP On Twitter Said that Many EX raids across Japan are being cancelled due to timing complications, and Niantic says "Us as a company has the right to revoke EX Raids should the need arise."
Does kind of sound a little suspicious, doesn’t it?
I don’t personally believe they are all being cancelled, but some are.


If it wasn’t tweeted by the verified Niantic or Pokemon GO App Twitter accounts and also if no YouTubers have reported that this has happened, that means it probably isn’t true. Please verify your information.


From the Official (Verified) Pokemon Go Japan Twitter


Yeah EX raids are still testing for sure as Niantic promised to release Mewtwo worldwide. If not, it is not fair to the rest of players from Africa, Australia and South America etc.


Don’t forget the UK (only a single gym had one EX raid)


Maybe they were referring to the BETA ending soon. But still, EX raids are going to stick around just like the traditional raids.


Have you guys ever questioned about the length of Ex raid testing time? When will the test of Ex raid end?