Ex Raid Issues!



Since Ex Raid Passes have just been sent out, I have received another Pass. I can’t make it because I will be busy. 3rd Ex Raid I have to miss in a row. Niantic needs to change the Raid times into the weekends. Who agrees?


6th in a row on a tudesday I have attended 1 in 7 distribution because on weekdays while at school in other place bs absolute bul shit


How many raids do you need to do… I did 10 this week for the Mew quest and still nothing.
I’ll never get that Mew2.
But actually I’m not angry because I did the most of the raids in Germany and that’s far away for me.


Genuinely i only did 1 raid at an EX gym and got a pass, because it’s all local you really only have to raid once and you’ll always get a pass


They will be on weekends again in a few weeks if they follow this schedule. You just have to wait a while for it.


Next one for a saturday should be 6-8 weeks from now


Locally I have not herd of anyone that Raids an Ex eligible Gym missing out on getting a Ex Pass. The random draw aspect is gone.