Events - A strange new event?


I’m wondering. I haven’t heard anything about this, but there seems to be an event going on in the game right now. I thought only Horsea was supposed to spawn everywhere, but right now I’m seeing Sableye, Snorunt, Geodude, Horsea, Clefairy, Murkrow, Swinub, Sandshrew, Piplup, Wailmer, Sneasel, Magikarp, Chimchar, Cubone, Turtwig and Drifloon. But now I’m wondering why? This is not a complaint though, I really like these spawns as some of these Pokémon do never spawn here where I live. I also managed to find a Shiny Swinub, which was like the second Swinub I clicked on. Are there boosted Shiny rates, too? And does anyone now until when this ‘mysterious’ event lasts? Thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s part of the GO Fest event. They announced today on Twitter that spawns will increase for Pokemon that can be found in the special habitats at Pokemon GO Fest Chicago.


Yes. That answer


Has Niantic also announced when these spawns will stop?


My guess is 5 pm PDT on Sunday.


I hope so. I really want to find a Shiny Snorunt before all these Pokémon will stop having increased spawns.


Caught two Horsea’s today. Need more.


Me too, along with Sableye, Horsea and Drifblim.


Yep, I’m searching for them too, but Shiny Snorunt is the top priority as I can only find some Snorunt during Christmas. But, to be honest, a lot of the Pokémon that are boosted right now have awesome Shinies I really want to find. I still need a second Cubone to get Shiny Marowak, I do not have a Shiny Sableye, I do not have anything of the Snorunt family in Shiny, I do not have anything of the Geodude family in Shiny (I do have a Shiny Geodude on an alt account, though), I still miss Shiny Sandslash, I still need Shiny Gyarados, and then we have Horsea. The only Shinies I don’t really need are Swinub, Wailmer and Murkrow, and guess what was the first Shiny I found? :grinning: (No complaints from me though, a Shiny is a Shiny.) But it looks like I still have some work to do. :slightly_smiling_face:


I caught this on the first one i clicked! Sware to




I totally forgot about go fest this weekend til i see my boy on fb on a plane wit mad new yorkers going to the fest but thats cool we get something out of it even tho who ever went bout to catch mad pkmns and have major fun. Im glad i have a good job but i wish i could go but i have to work. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!


The good spawns are making me want to go back out and sweep gyms again. But I need a few more to fall first.


The spawns are definitely nice. Was playing on my account and my fiancé’s account and managed to find a shiny sandshrew and drifloon on her account. (Quietly whispers: one of these days I’ll find a shiny on my account first) lol


I don’t understand. 27 days ago Pokemon Go posted the dates for Cresselia and kyogre and Groudon but then 16 days ago it shows June as being Cresselia as week 1 and 2 then Kyogre as 3 and 4. Which is it?


And Groudon as week 1 and 2 of July, right? Isn’t that the same as what was announced a month ago?