Event Distributions Problem?


Hi everybody,

First, sry if this the wrong channel, but i need your opinion, i guess.

The “Problem” started with the Gen2 update. Until Today, i never ever get a Dragon Scale. Sure… there is this Serebii Event… and i get a Dragon Scale from this mission. But, why not from the 7-day pokestop Challenge??

Now, with PvP, i try daily to get a sinnoh-stone. Nothing. Everyday, i play 4 matches in a row, with the same Friend. He get almost always 4 stones … and me, since the release, only one.
Same problem with the Breakthrought this month… i get 3 weeks Entei… i hope to catch some of the other pokemon.

I dont know what the problem is… is it only luck? I wrote Niantic, but only get a press report as answer. Niantic told me, that other trainers have luck and there will be a other Way in future to get this stones. No word about the dragon scale.

Anyone here with same or similar problems? Or have i only bad luck?


Pretty much this.

RNGezus doesnt love all of us.


Since gen 2 it always was abailable from stops on 7 th day. Probably bad luck.

Oh and ill put this in the right section for you


It’s definitely random luck. I’ve played PVP daily and landed four Sinnoh Stones. A friend has played the same amount and landed one so far.

The good thing is that you get four cracks at it a day and it’s only been a few days so far. They’ll drop for you. :slight_smile:


Spent good 10 seconds figuring out the “Serebii event”


Sounds like you have the same luck as me, Ive still yet to receive my Sinoh stone. Same with break through research but I’ve only got 2 Enteis in a row. I did however recieve 2 sun stones from poje stops yesterday.

Hopefully our luck will change shortly :upside_down_face:


Do you consistently get your 7 day spin reward? If not that should become a priority. You will find that given a large enough s ample size things should level out.

I agree to an extent that the game often seem. To favor players with certain things (shiny Pokemon, evolution items, different eggs, hatches # etc). I’m guessing this is an illusion but perception is often viewed as reality and i don’t know if data exists to prove or disprove this.