Entei 3 Hour Raid Day


Post your success or failure for Entei Raid day here.
1 more hour to go and it starts for us. Can’t say I’m all that excited tbh as I already have a L40 100% Entei that never gets used for anything now. It would be a waste to get more great ones.


Car full with 7 accts we got 17 done in the 3hrs. Shiny’s seemed a bit thin with 11/119.
I got my first one on the 16th Raid and followed up with a second one on the 17th and last Raid. My best IV was a pair of 91%. One has 15atk while the other has 11atk. There were 4 98% in the group.


Ive got mostly trash, my 96% from the first week of raids remains my best


We did 14 in 2 hours this time with 8 (in the end) to 14 (in the beginning) accounts. I wasn’t expecting a lot, but I got my first shiny in the second raid. About an hour and a half in, it started pouring heavily and we switched from our usual way of raiding (2 or 3 raids near to each other, get into the car, go to the next 2-3 raids spot) to doing only those raids we could reach directly from the the car. I don’t like pure car raiding, but it was the only way we could continue.
I ended up with 2 shinies, as far as I know everyone of us got at least one, but it wasn’t raining shinies either. It felt rather balanced this time. I got one decent Entei (93% IV), the rest was rather mediocre, but we had fun :smile:


I’m sure I’ll get trash since I had such good IV-luck from earlier today for other things, but I’ll definitely give my results once its over. I already have a 96% Entei from the first round as well (perfect HP though), so I’m really into this event for Rare Candies and both Fast and Charge TMs. Here’s hoping.


Hit 39 raids, 5 shiny, 2 were 96. Wife managed a Shundo so that was exciting. Lots of 96/98% IVs in the group. Overall very successful day.


We did 14 raids I caught one Shiny Only caught to regular enter I was not trying to catch them Just wanted the XP and a shiny


I did 32 raids with friends, I captured 29, the bests were one 96 IV and three 93, 4 shinies only with very low IVs :face_with_head_bandage:


It was an AMAZING day!

We did 20 Raids today, the most I ever did. I was 18 for 20 catches, caught THREE Shinies, got 8 Fast TMs, 10 Charge TMs and 75 Rare Candy! The topper of everything was getting a new 96% with perfect HP and Attack, in the very first Raid!

On top of the three perfects I caught in a single day–a new record for me–this is quite possibly the best day in Pokemon GO I’ve had ever!


We’ve done about 20 raids. We stopped pretty quickly, because everybody had his or her shiny pretty fast this time. So we decided to just raid the Ex-raid gyms after that and 1 new gym for the 1000 points on the badge. So in the end we did more relaxt then otherwise and were still finished more then half an hour before the end. Personally I ended with 3 shinies and IV-wise a 96% as best, but allready had a 98% maxed out from the first time Entei came around.


I managed to do 20 raids. 3 shinies with bad IV and 1 with 93 IV, rest of them with mediocre IV. Not that important, I already had a 100% out of 7 days research last year.


20 completed.
20 caught.
1 shinie.
0 good Entei.

4 accounts in the car with a total of 8 shinies. Not to bad but personally i had hoped for atleast 1 good Entei.
Suicune day will be on the bike, and i really hope to get the shinie in the first 6 raids then cause i really dont wanna do more.


Did 10 raids with two accounts, all were weather-boosted. Caught 18, all were decent, including 3 with IV over 90 and a shiny. One girl in our train played one account and had the shiny touch, getting 4 in a row.