Electric pokemon


I want to know why I keep getting only electric pokemon for my break through research package. I opened my break through today and it was snowing outside. Idk if that has anything to do with it but cmon every single time is electric. Why?


Wanna switch? I keep getting Entei.


I would love too. But we will need a million stardust to do it


I meant you want to switch scenarios. It’s not possible to trade unless we’re next to each other. Sure, it’s impossible to switch scenarios, but I’m saying that because I sympathize with getting the same one over and over again, but I would love to have your scenario because it could mean I finally get a good Raikou.


I’ve gotten Lugia for the last 2 weeks


I want Lugia or ho oh. I don’t have them yet


I can trade you a Lugia, but you’ll have to come out to east coast.