Egg List/CP chart


Would anyone want a list of current egg hatches (as of 11/29) with 100% cp as well as shiny variant available?


Yes can you post that thank you


Additionally, croped out of 7km is Alolan Sandshrew, with a 100% of 739
From the 10km…Chansey, with a 100% of 717, and Ralts with a 100% of 350

Feel free to post any good/super rare hatches as well


Cool that looks awesome for 2km I would want elekid the most i don’t think I have it or I would want togepi.

for 5km lotad for sure
10km rioulo
7km wynaut


Im sad that 5km still doesnt have gen 1&2 starters


Or that you cannot hatch lapras anymore


I have enough of those I did a lapras raid in santa monica and have 5 other lapras


I accidentally traded my only one…I didn’t have it starred, and it was 96%:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:


Among the 10km ones, caught Trapinch the most from wild


Need Riolu from 10km and Budew from 5km


Yea, I dnt have riolu or budew either…have everything else…although I would like a few ralts hatches…still have no gardevoir




@NotanotherKangaskhan, very nice!


Youve hatched 6 budew??!!


6 - 6 = 0
0 + 1 = 1.
1 is how many budew @Pokemon wants.


I need 1


Yep, and each one has gone straight to the Professor as I don’t keep 1 of each anymore unless 100% or Shiny and I have a 100% Rose Bush already.


I have 2 budew