Eeveelution problem


Ok, i just caught a 100% eevee. See the topic about 100% iv pokemon. But i kind of want to Evolve it. But i cant decide what to.

I already have a 100% iv jolteon.

Should i Evolve it and hope its not jolteon, Evolve it to espeon/Umbreon or should i wait for leafeon or glaceon?


I see you save it


Glaceon or Espeon


Or you can just not evolve it


Then you are stuck with a 100IV Eevee


Espeon will be a great Psychic-type to back up any Alakazam you have, as well as act as a great budget option if you don’t have a good Mewtwo, or don’t have the Candy currently to level it up, so there’s an option.

Ice-types will also gain prominence in upcoming and returning Raid Bosses, so Glaceon is also a great option to back up any Mamoswine or Weavile you have. Glaceon isn’t currently available, so that’s the downside, and we still don’t know how they will evolve.


Kind of duplicate.
Either way you can go here for already discussed ideas :wink:


Sylveon is the way to go.


Its two years away and will suck in battle :confused:
I mean, its my favourite design-wise, but why use a 100IV Eevee on something you choose by design


I’d save it for Glaceon.


What should I do?

  • Evolve and hope its not jolteon
  • Espeon
  • Umbreon
  • Wait for glaceon
  • Wait for leafeon
  • Wait for sylveon

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I have a couple of 100% IV Eevee I’ve been holding onto. I’m going to wait until Glaceon and Leafeon come out to see their stats and see how they good they are in the meta game. The only time I use any of the Eeveelutions is when I use my Espeons (along with Alakazams) to solo Machamp raids. I have three decent Espeons already so I didn’t see a need to evolve one of my 100% Eevee’s into an Espeon. If Glaceon and Leafeon aren’t very good, I’ll probably evolve at least one of the 100% Eevee’s into another Espeon.


Long term goal is to have at least one 100% Maxed out L40 of each Eeveelution.
I currently have:
2x 100% Jolteon 1279cp and 1444cp
1x 100% Espeon 2309cp
1x 100% Umbreon 855cp
I’ve got enough 100% Eevee to do Flareon and Vaporeon plus extras.
Not sure if I should wait for the next ones and get them with the trick that will no doubt be available then roll the dice for the others. Bit worried that if I wait for them Espeon and Umbreon will go into the random chance with Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporeon.
I’v got a 1 in 3 chance now or risk it being a 1 in 5 chance later.
I’m worried about burning them now and still missing one of the ones I want.


I dont think Espeon and Umbreon will be added to the random pool with the original 3. If they were OP they might have a reason to do that, but they are just meh…
New players will have a harder time if they do that, and i dont think Niantic wants to scare them off aswell.


Sylveon Will take another 2 years, and i already have a good ice type attacker. Espeon it is i guess

machamp Slayer in my machamp solo team lol