Eevee Community Day


I disagree with because sylveon


If Gen 4 is released before that CD, then I will hold off on evolving Glaceon and Leafeon.


All you do is save a shiny for it…dont try and put out the HYPE


It never says in the CD announcement that there will be shinys


Well it’s 25 candies per evolution but probably cost 400 total to get all of them


Do you think they will be in the game by then? I do


Eevee looks badass in it’s shiny form.


What’s the point of giving eevee a special move? You don’t use it in battle


To make it special. What was the point of giving pikachu surf?


You are like eevee or you like eevee? Which one?




It will be only for Eevee. It says in the announcement.


It’s just like Pikachu and Ampharos, they’re just trophies that a lot of people want.


Yes indeed.


Very very very not hyped
Even dissapointed


Your sarcasm is so loud


Sorry to take a while responding, irl invasion. Got the candies, 627, Eevee is random here with the weather. But i used the name trick already, so my shiny evolutions are gonna be RNG luck :woman_shrugging:t4:. Fortunately, the ones I really want don’t depend on that, Umbreon and a silver Eevee :blush:
Glad they’re doing this now after we can trade, “Hey Best Friend! Trade one of my 3 shiny Jolteons for a shiny Vapy? :grinning:


Ya, although I will have a hard time finding someone to trade with


My entire family used to play and now it’s just me.


Sorry, urban privilege showing.