Eevee Community Day 2021

@Brobraam it’s your lucky day!

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Worst Community Day(s) EVER :triumph::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::poop::-1:

Never expected a second Eevee community day to actually become a thing. I’m excited for this


I feared it was going to be Aron, and it somehow got even worse than that. :joy:


I missed last Eevee CD driving back from vacation

Knowing my luck, it might not happen but, should I try aiming for all shiny Eeveelutions?

I’m happy to have Eevee come around again.
I want the XL’s to get more of my Eeveelutons to L50.
Hopefully we are out of Lock Down by then so I can go to my new favourite 200km drive CD spot. It’s looking like the 7 day Lock Down will be extended for another 7 this coming Tuesday.
If we stuck at home I just need to make sure I have plenty of storage space to trade later.

I have seven hundo Eeveelutions that would love to be level 50 one of these days, so I’m good for two days of potentially getting a LOT of Eevee Candy XL.

Yeah. Let’s grind all those XL Candies.

Otherwise, bad community day. Already got 20 freaking shining eevee and it’s evolutions

Community is half and half with this CD. I need those XLs!!!

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New shiny > XL candies

2 days of grinding? No thanks!

Wasted opportunity.

Dismayed, disheartened, disgusted and disappointed.

I want to max out my beautiful shiny leafeon

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