Earth Day 2019 Rewards Event



I have seen so many reports of Shiny Diglett already that I’m thinking it has a boosted Shiny rate.


Of course Geodude is not boosted in this event🤦🏻‍♂️.


I’ve gotten two Shiny Diglett so far, so the odds do seem fairly boosted.


I just love how everyone that gets a Shiny quickly/early thinks the rate is boosted :rofl::rofl:


Always good to have more Groudon candy and a shot at its shiny


I did not because it’s always almost night here when events start, but there were so many reports in the first 30 minutes already!


The fact that I caught two in the first hour does seem to support boosted odds. Also, odds are boosted pretty well in short events that last only a few days, like with Ponyta and Cubone. I caught four of each.


:rofl::rofl: boosted


Is there a reason for the fatuousness?


How’s everyone’s rate for Diglett as of now? I’m on 0/43 so far but I’m certain the Shiny rate is higher.


I haven’t caught one yet, and I clicked on a lot of them last night.


I caught one


Where are all these shinies hiding ? Because I can’t find one.


Giddy up, back on the no Shiny Streak 0/143 on dog poop.


Staying strong, 0/205 on dog poop now.


Mission accomplished with dog poop final count of 0/258.


I’ve walked 46km in the last 4 days. I usually don’t even manage to get that in a week. That shows off how much I wanted a Shiny Sandshrew I think. Glad I got it, along with a Shiny Diglett a day later.