Draconius Go Review: Is It Worth It?



It’s because at lower levels the CP system is low


I don’t think that Draconius GO has much staying power, but I am happy that it exists. Maybe Niantic can borrow some of their ideas to improve PoGO.



I reached level 40 in PoGo in just over a year, then switched to Dr Go and got to level 31 in 2 months. I have lots of money to blow on entertainment, and ‘invested’ about $500 for enough artifacts to mine 3 golden eggs per week.

Although the developers posture, and occasionally make improvements; the fundamental perverse nature of the game continues.

They initially said people should practice to get used to throwing spheres (presumably buying the superior spheres which worked no better). Only later did they acknowledge the defects and improve the throwing.

After initially giving out some rewards to players at lower levels (to entice and generate enthusiasm)- they back off on the rewards and perks. This applies to getting the first couple combat-ready monsters from eggs, the occupation of arenas, and the duel of wizards.

Using dragon’s vision in arcana no longer yields any Inur or Cuticat line characters.
Duel of Wizards now pits unrealistic lineups against the gamers–with rewards becoming progressively more rare. I am familiar with many of the names of the ‘wizards’ and have seen many repeats during 300+ duels.

They have recently acknowledged that they programmed prolonged periods of worthless monsters from all eggs, including the golden eggs.

After over 530 eggs hatched (including the hatch of 3 worthless creatures during their ‘special golden egg event’, I have never hatched a Charybdis, Leviathan, Neptune; Smoargh, Keeper or Kingpeat. It will come as no surprise that the game now SELLS those beasts (or at best a chance to get one of indeterminate quality).

The game seems designed to frustrate players into buying better monsters. Duel of Wizards has opponents with perfect rolls on all of the above creatures; and it takes considerable skill to score well enough to get even one stone.

After 30 golden egg searches, it seems that the program is set to yield the egg after an average of about 6 digs. There IS the occasional first dig egg, but that is more than offset by an abundance of 7, 8 and 9 dig quests. Once again, they programmed for lousy results on the monsters, but failed to tell anyone what they were doing until the most recent post.

Kingpeat is now $99.99 in the store. You may want to believe that this will remain a viable character, and that your $100 investment will continue to pay off-- but the developers have shown that they will predictably entice players; and then raise the bar to prompt frustration and impulse buying.

They can fix glitches in the game; but there is no way they will fix the deceptive exploitation that is at the foundation of their company.


Is this trash game still existing?


Tbh i don’t really know


Well they expected a new gen in draconius in January but its still not here
Information: critical.gg