Draconius Go Review: Is It Worth It?


Which game is better? (by factor like legitimacy, gameplay quality, graphics, cooperative level)

  • Pokemon GO
  • Draconius GO
  • I don’t know

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I said that purely because it has more features and runs a bit better


After ruling out legitimacy factor, I think Draconius GO is better.


Ok, so you meant the interface :slight_smile:
There’s absolutely no reason to say otherwise, I concur


Sorry that I’ve forgotten the word ‘interface’. Thx for reminding me.


Another cool feature I just found out on Draconius Go. After hitting level 15 you enter the silver league hence you can then compete with players of upto level 26. All your creatures from arenas return and you have to put them back again after fighting with league competitors. I don’t know how many more levels are there but neat stuff, a level 30 guy won’t bulldoze you out of arenas if you are level 10.


Pokemon league! Of course it is a great idea for Pokemon Go!


Cool! May be a league feature after you hit level 40 in PoGo … something to look forward. May be around level 35 so you stop bothering lower level players.


I didn’t like it at all. I thought its ideas were great and truly respect them for putting things in place to enhance the game as a whole. In the end I hope they become big as PoGo that way it’ll force Niantic to give us the features we’ve been begging for since… FOREVER. Healthy competition is what Niantic needs so I hope they fail at trying to sue Elyland for creating DG.


Really awful clone;
If they draw all from zero, – it will not be so creepy.


Honestly I have no clue if you guys are little bitty kids complaining or just really stupid.

Do a simple Google search type in games like ______?

There are a lot of games that are alike or similar that doesn’t make it a copyright you can’t copyright something that is similar or a like. Lol

That would be like saying that DC Comics copyrighted Marvel Comics. Or iPhone copyrighted Android. Or Halo copyrighted Doom all of them are alike or similar but there’s no copyrighted infringement because they all have their own unique features.

  1. 125 fantastic creatures in 5 elements.
  2. Considerably better graphics. No lags. No glitches.
  3. The game offers daily quests.
  4. The game offers a hunt – collecting fragments of a map and digging out a Golden Egg, from which only the most powerful creatures hatch.
  5. The game offers magic.
  6. Duels between players that were promised by Niantic, but never realized.
  7. A wild monster may attack you in the game. Defeating it is the best way to get runes for casting spells.
  8. The game offers the old battle system that was removed by Niantic for unknown reasons last summer. We didn’t mention all points. It’s much more interesting to discover the game for oneself.

Draconius Go is light years ahead of Pokemon go.

I absolutely love the Retard that said the maps are exactly the same what planet Earth are you leaving on ? Pokemon go uses Google Maps. Show me Google maps that show sidewalks.

Be perfectly honest with you I would love to find a map they used. From my understanding they mapped out the Earth themselves and mapped it which is a great deal of work and seems to be better than Google Maps and I haven’t found anything better than Google Maps.

I would strongly suggest unless you have actually played this game don’t crack it because Pokemon go is definitely worried about this game it’s already ranked 7th on top free gaming app Pokemon go is ranked 2nd.
Pokemon go chooses to ignore their players that are paying customers. This game chooses to listen to their players. If Pokemon go don’t change their ways and start listening to their customers this game will steal them definitely Pokemon go definitely has something to worry about.


Do you really think it’s “normal” to call in the first sentence the people as you do?

Do you really think that after this entrance somebody is interested to read the rest of your message?


I read past the introduction and found it more interesting than some of the repeated dribble posting.


Probably not a good first impression…


Which was what?? Go is not a trade mark… they had legal advice on development of the app… i get in touch with the developers and they know what they are doing… niantic need this coz till today i didn’t get a human response for my emails from niantic but, the new guy does… This is time to get things speed up and give me pokestop and pvp.


Poor customer service does not circumvent violating trademarks. I’m also guessing the new game violates one of the 3 patents held by Niantic.

Again I stress in not arguing the quality of Draconious Go but I do dislike companies others intellectual property.


There are some good things in DracoGo, like the map puzzle, dragon vision (see dragons and chests in about 1km radius and catch/open them all without neeing to move). Magic spells that definitely speed up the game, The chests also contain equipment to wear which makes gameplay smoother.

BUT, the ‘buildings’ are placed poorly. Some are in impossible or dangerous locations. There are portals, which enable going into a different realm. Then one has to find the mother of dragons to hatch a timed egg. Today, I did this, only to find that the MoD was on private property, just out of reach from the street.

Given that they have an incredibly rich set of data to work with, all the OpenStreetMap data at their fingertips, this is really frustrating. OSM has the info on where schools and other non public buildings/zones are, which highways are restricted or for private use only. The towers are almost without exception in people’s gardens. And that is the best case scenario for many of them.

I reached level 27, gold league and I’m the only one playing in my neighbourhood, whicih is unsurprising, as it’s also impossible to play from a bus, even when it moves slowly or from a bicycle and on foot going from the portal to the Mother of Dragon often takes too long.

It’s unfortunate, but they’ll have to do better if they are serious about competing with Niantic. I played PoGo for a year and then it was time to quit the game, DracoGo is better in many aspects, but not good enough.


Draconius Go is a great game. Played PoGo for a year, got bored. As you progress more possibilities become available to level faster. Magic Spells, equipment. Better distributed Pillars (stops), more diversity in the types of buildings and their function. But some are very poorly placed, very often just out of reach from the streat, or on railroao tracks. That is a bummer. Also the really good dragons aren’t found in the wild. They have to be hatched from 10km or 10 hour eggs. I’m level 30 after almost 3 months and I have 1 very good creature and 4 reasonable ones.
Nobody else is playing in my league though in this neighbourhood and I can’t see anymore if new players start, as I can’t see them in the arenas. And thus, even though I have some interesting magic spells now that I could share and help beginners with that doesn’t work. So every advantage has its disadvantages.

They should really do something about tthe placement of their ‘buildings’, they have all this extremely detailed OpenStreetMap data, so it should be feasible.


Draconius GO is just a bad copy of Pokémon GO


More like, Draconius GO is crap, you hatch crap from eggs like first line evos in the 10k and 10h eggs that are like PIDGEY.