Double Candy is here - what do you think?


I like it. Also there is half hatch distance. Still don’t know how long it lasts.


1 pidgey = 1 evolution. Welcome to pokemon go 2018


1 pideot + piano = 40 candy, that’s what I’m talking about XD


Uh ok


… it’s a joke man :confused:


Ohhh I get it! Pidgeot (20) x 2 (with pinap)= 40


1 week


Might even do an Electabuzz raid, I have a 100IV one but evolving and powering up will cost me a fortune of 348 candies


For a pretty good electric type. Your choice!


You mean you dont know how long the double candy event and half egg distance lasts?


I think it will be great for Zappados day on Saturday.


It’s useless for me, because I’m on holiday to France. It’s extremely rural here and also terrible internet. I don’t think I can really use it. But still like it.


How good or should I say useful will Electivire be?
I have wild catch Electabuzz 100% that was caught at 120 something CP at the time. Little bit at a time I’ve Powered it up and its now 1349CP. I’m sitting on 459 Candy so have enough to finish it off when and if needed.


If it gets the best moves, it will beat Raikou in DPS but will have a significantly lower TDO


Better than jolteon and similar to Zapdos


Double candy on garbage Mon is useless!


I am using all my pinaps catching pidgeot etc

Low candy evolve xp is powerful


I’ve evolved more trash mons this week than the last 3 weeks combined. More XP for me. I’m 1.8 million in to Level 39 with 3.2 to go.


Ttar Raids 40 Candy for the Win :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: