Dortmund Safari Zone Catches



I caught 8 shiny Roselia,1 Shiny Pikachu,1 Shiny Magikarp,1 Shiny Larvitar and 3 Shiny Swablu.It was very fun.
What did you catch?


1 shiny Roselia, 1 shiny Pikachu, 1 shiny magikarp, had to call it quits for today though because my phone overheated


Nothing because I’m not there :stuck_out_tongue: excited for basically double xp though.


How the hell did u get in here
They said whole city was blocked


I arrived yesterday by train/car, but yes many main roads around do have major traffic jams because 3/4 of the drivers are also catching shinies.


1 Shiny Pikachu and 3 Shiny Roselia


I just stated reading these posts and thought I’d open pogo to see if anything pops up. Lo and behold, caught a shiny Roselia whilst sat at home. :smiley:


A shiny rosie, swablu, karp
Tons and tons of Larvitar candy, a 91% Larvitar at level 35
Was it a hoax when somebody screamed a 100IV Larvitar? Near the huge Safari Zone poster thing


Damn, if there was one i missed it. Heard there were a few outside the park, but the highest IV Larv i got today was 87%


The 91% was in the “park” right next to Westfallenpark, at around 11am, and Im not sure if 100IV was real, but I couldnt even start the game until the hype was over
At least Ive got my only Rosie right after that


True, loving the shinies and Unowns. Funnily enough just got a shiny swablu so that’s cool i guess :man_shrugging:


I have 5 already, my Golden Luftwaffe is almost complete

We were just stopping on a gas station, and guess what, second Rosie


That 100% Wasnt was a Roselia that already dissapeared.


I wanna shiny roselia, how was the event? From 1-10


If I’m right there are/were crazy shiny rates out there.
I heard somebody reporting he’s got 2 shiny Aerodactyl, 4 Roselia, 1 shiny Swablu, 1 shiny Magikarp & 2 shiny Larvitar with only a few hours of playing! Maybe it were more or less shinies but I can’t remember that.


where you there what did you get?


Probably had multiple accounts


I wasn’t there, sadly…


Just a word of advice the Dortmund forecast says it will hit 26-28 degrees celsius towards midday so stay hydrated and use sunscreen!


A 10.
Unclear :unamused: