Does Niantic actually read this forum?


. . . as per the subject. The support thread is nice, but Niantec’s one-way “support” for their app plus their growing bug list suggests a level of apathy that’s pretty disappointing. So does Niantic read or post here, especially in the support discussions?


Mods or Admin would need to answer this accurately.
It would be arrogant of Niantic to not have lurker accounts on social media sites like this one for example. They don’t have to be involved or respond but can get some feed back on what some of their consumer issues are.


there is a very high chance they do not come to these forums


Why should they? It is not theirs, GoHub is not affiliated with Niantic as far as I know. And yeah, they might take a peek from time to time, but they can’t communicate via every single PoGo forum available out there… They have their own channels (Twitter, Facebook,…) which probably reach a lot more players.


The honest answer is we don’t know if anyone from Niantic is a member of the forums. It’s possible but we have no evidence of it.

The support section is for players to help each other with issues not to resolve tech or customer service issues in the game.


Found this user.Might be fake


He has <1m read time.


must have seen all those challenges on the recent list and instantly dismissed this as a serious forum?


I wrote to Niantic 2 times and told them to check out Pokemon GO Hub forum because there are many good ideas by dedicated players there.


I’m sure someone there does


Maybe, as they have been doing something better as the day passed by… :grin:


They only check out my topics. :smiling_imp:


I wish they read this list and implemented everything from it in the game. So far they introduced golden pinap berry and new lure modules are coming, but we need so many things. They should step it up.