Does anyone else feel out of touch?



As I read articles, peruse posts, and research various questions - I find that in the scheme of things Pokemon Go, I am a complete newb. I’ve been playing for a few years now, but I know nothing.
I am in a rural area and know few people who play the game…
Anyone else feel this way?
Anyone have a book or article I can read to better my knowledge and understanding? Thank you ahead of time.


I played in 2016, and came back a few weeks ago. So much has changed. I’ve found the articles and wiki on this site good, but not sure how well you’ll find them if you never left in the first place.


I left for a few years and came back about 4 months ago. I’ve been learning new stuff and ways from wiki and Hub. I am adding Reddit to that list of resources now. Thank you for your response!


GoHub has a series of articles for returning players that will help and it has a plenitude of info about most facets of the game.

We are also glad to have discussions on the forums that may help guide your journey.


Its ok for me, I was never in touch


I find much focus on stats and what have you. I’m here for fun, so I seek the fun things.
I’m also rural without a vehicle, so community stuff is difficult, though I would like to partake.


Perhaps I should adopt the way of life. :wink:


I joined a local Discord 2 years ago and always feel in the loop. Having fun now posting with the guys at GoFest.


@Piskie if you go to the Silph it will show you a map of your area with discords that you can join to find a group to play with


Oh! Cool! Thank you very much!


Ooooh! GTK thank you!