Do you power up beyond lvl 30?


If I power up a Pokémon the plan is to max it out, however I don’t power up very many Pokémon.


Yes, some cause i want the highest CP possible, some because i want them at their breakpoint against certain legendarys.


I have two maxed out machamp (100 and 98), a maxed out 100 IV ttar, a maxed out dragonite and a 100iv kyogre

Soon to add another 100 IV machamp and trying to decide between 98 groudon and 96 rayquaza for the next maxed out legendary

  • I do
  • I don’t

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Do you power up over Lvl 30?


This is very much an individual choice and is largely determined by how you play the game.
Maxing out is more for self satisfaction than for any game affecting purpose. There are some benefits for your Raid attackers taking them to at least L35.
It’s very costly on the Star Dust and Candy resources so chose wisely the Pokemon that will make you happy you did it.


Thanks fellas!
Since I dont have a organized group myself, I just awkwardly join free lobbies of 10~ players whenever I raid. I’ll leave lvl 40 to my best favorite (not-so-metagross included) only, and go lvl 30 with other cool things.


I POWER UP ANYTHING GOOD AND 70iv+(with good attack) TO MAX I CAN


i power up:

  • every legendary at least once to max
  • every meta relevant pokemon i have 93% or higher
  • any semi meta relevant pokemon with high IV to fill up certain teams

as mentioned by others, it allows me to do raids with less people. Also having 10 million stardust rotting away is pointless, might as well spend it.

being level 40 means i need mucho stardust for all those pokemon and means i’m never done. That does feel kinda meh, but at the same keeps me motivated to keep playing.


I max out Pokemon with good IVs and that I will use. If a Pokemon’s stats can go higher, why not raise them?


I haven’t powered them up past 30 since gym rework because I’d rather use the candy on evolving another specimen. Only max out Shinys because it’s fun to use them during raids.


I’ve powered only a few critters over 30. For the most part I prefer getting a team to 30 rather than maxing out one. The exeptions are ones where I already have a full team of level 30-35 (from weather boosts) creatures and still have plenty of candy left over (Machamps) or I’m absolutely sure I will only ever need one of them (Lugia). Even then the pokemon need to be meta relevant to be even considered.

Of course this will change in time, as in this game resources accumulate faster than usable 'mons, but for me the point of not caring about resources is still quite some time away.


I like your idea. Power up a team to lvl 30 first and then consider a few to lvl 40. I’ll do it!


I have a 100 IV Heracross that caught at level 1 almost maxed out (lvl37), I’m planning to max Machamp, Tyranitar, Raikou, Entei, Mew, Weather trio and a mewtwo when I get a nice one


At a rough guess you will need somewhere between 1-3mil Dust for that lot as well as the bucket of candy for each.


I do power up as I want to max out as many mons as possible. Plus if I’ve got more higher CP mons it gives me more chances in gym battles


Now I only max out Pokemon, so when I power something up Im spending all the dust


Usually, I don’t power up my Pokémon too far, unless it’s one that really like or one that I know will be useful in future raids or generations. I powered up my Rhydons to max because once Rhyperior comes out, it’ll be really cool to see the jump in CP.


did a count last weekend when we did a 5-man blizzard kyogre: i’m at 37 (at least) maxed out pokemon and deciding what the next one will be.


This should answer the question

Had a great day for dust, so gave some love to my buddy, no regrets, tomorrow should finish it :slight_smile:


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