Do I need these extra evolution items?


Hi. Is there any reason I should hang on to multiple evolution items if I’ve already evolved the things that the lists online say the items work on? They take up space in my bag. I don’t know if I should keep them or delete them. The items I have extra of are -sun stone, King’s rock, upgrade, dragon scale, metal coat. Thank you for the help!


Keep around 3 sunstones, I generally keep at least 1 of each in case I need any evo


Keep as many as you need. For instance, I keep only one for each evolution that I don’t have a perfect-IV for, which leaves me with the following:

5 Sun Stones (waiting to see if they are needed for Lilligant or Whimsicott later)
1 Metal Coat (you only need 2 max)
1 King’s Rock (you only need 2 max)
1 Up-Grade (that’s all you need)
1 Dragon Scale (that’s all you need)
11 Sinnoh Stones (you need 18 max)

I’m still trying to get Unova Stones, which I’ll need at least 7 if I’m correct on which will need it. It would be 9 tops otherwise.


Thank you that helps!


Thank you for the help!


I just keep 5 of each. Just in case.


I keep 2-3 of each
3 for the less frequent ones like Dragon Scale and Upgrade.
2 for the more common.


I would, except my item bag is constantly filling up. My list looks more like @Arem1771’s.


I keep 3 or 4 for each one, and it’s cool.

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I usually keep a few sun stones and dragon scales with me, I discard the rest.


You need at least the number of different evolution results that come with them for Dex fillers (2 sun stones, 2 metal coats, 2 kings rocks, 1 upgrade, and 1 dragon scale). Sinnoh stones have the most uses (18 just for the Pokédex fillers, but several of those evolutions become useful in battle). And unova stones (just 2; or 4 if you plan to evolve all 3 regional varieties of Pansage).

At lower levels some of the basic ones can still be useful (so it might be worth a few extra metal coats for Scizors, for example). But as your trainer and Pokémons advance, there will be better options for every type there is in the game.

That’s the approach that works for me. There are far more advanced people on this site whose advice you might find more to your liking, though…


I would like to add that Chandelure is also important so first two Unova stones should be saved for that menace


Sitting on a Unova stone for that very reason. I have a 97.8% Lampent and just need 12 more candy. :smiley:


I still haven’t gotten an Unova stone. Not that I have anything to use it on yet though.


Thanks for the addition. I can’t believe I left that off, considering the hefty investment I made to give both of my trainers a good Chandelure. One of the very few non-legendary Pokémon I’ve ever spent rare candy on. And as much praise as I’d read and heard about it, I was still a bit surprised by how effective it is in battle.