Do I need these extra evolution items?


Hi. Is there any reason I should hang on to multiple evolution items if I’ve already evolved the things that the lists online say the items work on? They take up space in my bag. I don’t know if I should keep them or delete them. The items I have extra of are -sun stone, King’s rock, upgrade, dragon scale, metal coat. Thank you for the help!


Keep around 3 sunstones, I generally keep at least 1 of each in case I need any evo


Keep as many as you need. For instance, I keep only one for each evolution that I don’t have a perfect-IV for, which leaves me with the following:

5 Sun Stones (waiting to see if they are needed for Lilligant or Whimsicott later)
1 Metal Coat (you only need 2 max)
1 King’s Rock (you only need 2 max)
1 Up-Grade (that’s all you need)
1 Dragon Scale (that’s all you need)
11 Sinnoh Stones (you need 18 max)

I’m still trying to get Unova Stones, which I’ll need at least 7 if I’m correct on which will need it. It would be 9 tops otherwise.


Thank you that helps!


Thank you for the help!


I just keep 5 of each. Just in case.


I keep 2-3 of each
3 for the less frequent ones like Dragon Scale and Upgrade.
2 for the more common.


I would, except my item bag is constantly filling up. My list looks more like @Arem1771’s.


I keep 3 or 4 for each one, and it’s cool.

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