Do egg hatches count as catches?


I have been seeing this asked multiple times since this event started so now I’m hoping to get a real answer. I’m assuming they do but just need clarification.

SOLVED: I evolved a sentret and the Collector Badge remained the same. Also hatched a pichu and still saw no change.


I just hatched a Pichu, and it didn’t advance my Pikachu counter. So take that for what it’s worth.


I’m not sure if hatching a Pichu would advance your Pikachu medal to begin with; the medal (I think) is only relevant to catching Pikachu, not any of its evolved/pre-evolved forms. This is probably because of Pikachu’s significance to Pokemon (being the mascot and all).


Only pikachu will get you a badge point. Not the other two.


Correct hence the name Pikachu fan. They should change it lol.


I was wondering this. I think not - hatches don’t count towards catches in the medals so probably not here