Discussion: PvP release and who can do it



In this case,
I am thinking you need to be 13 to do it.


You should be able to as long as your account is on Google.


I dont hope so.


My secondary account is… still… I wan it on my main




When my son got his phone last Christmas, I made sure to set him up with a Google account. Now I’m really glad I did.


I cant think Niantic Will do this exclusively for Google users. So i hope they wont


Exact same thing as trading don’t get your hopes up


Trading is available for PTC… always was, i think

Will roll out slowly of course


Not for those under 13


in that case…


Dude I recommend playing on your other account more


Oh I have.
I use it for legendary raids, community days, and whenever I can get to it. I haven’t been lately because I was really close to getting Celebi.