Discussion about Swinub CD


Lets discuss about swinub cd
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I’m guessing Bagon, but I’m hoping for Ralts honestly.




I’d bet on Bagon or Ralts.


I think we could get bagon
Last year feb community day we got a dragon psuedo legendary so maybe this time again
Also maybe gible but we might not a cd as soon as it is released. And also it might not even be released then


Honestly I don’t think we’ll see Ralts, because Gallade still hasn’t been released yet and because it’ll most likely require an Evolution Item to evolve a male Kirlia into Gallade. We still haven’t seen anything that requires a special way to evolve, except for Eevee Community Day, but Niantic had to do Eevee CD for Pokémon Let’s Go.

Bagon, though, is what I think we’ll see. This is because February 2018’s Community Day also featured a Dragon Type Pokémon, Dratini. But that’s just my theory.


Ralts with Gallade being released.


I hope ralts(with gallade OF COURSE)




im the other way around.


Machop, bring on the Hulk.
I will consider it a fail if I don’t get a 100% Hulk.
Only issue is what special move will it get? It’s got the best Charge Move in Dynamic Punch now or is there something better it could have?


I think they might release shiny Machamp in a raid day like Gengar, and make shiny Machop available the same day. I’d love to see a Machop CD, though…

The idea with dragon type for February sounds legit… so it’s probably going to be Bagon… But maybe they surprise us again… There are some more 3 stage evolutions (besides Ralts) whose final stage is either useful or a players’ favorite (Abra, Trapinch maybe? Spheal, Lotad)




What about Power-Up Punch as a fast move?


Or Superpower


I think treco will be next


Praying for Ralts in april, we can get Disarming Voice become fast and maybe Drain Punch