Discord & Pokemon Go - Can It Help?


Does anyone on here use the Discord app??
If so what is it used for??
What do you do on it??
Are there benefits with using??
Can it improve your Pokemon Go game play experience??
I just learned about it a few days ago and want to learn more about it.
If it doesn’t help me progress my Pokemon Go then I think I’m cool on using it.


I started using it Christmas Eve last year and haven’t missed a local Legendary Raid yet. Much better playing experience when you can communicate with your fellow local players.


For sure. Yeah that definitely sounds cool.
Is there a specific group you add or just any group??


I was approached by a local player when they observed me taking down a gym. He loaded it on my phone and been using it ever since.


Do you need to get the permission from the group administrator to join the group so that you could communicate with others on raids?


You need permission from one of the admins. The guy that added me was an admin.


I see, without permission from the admins, can’t join group, thanks @bobbyjack8


Just go to Legendary Raids you see in in your area. If there are group of people there when it starts, most likely one of them will be an admin for your local Discord and will be more than happy to add you,


Cool thank you for the info.


There is also a tool on the Silph road website that lets you search if there’s is a group in your area, and in my case allowed me to request to join. It helps you know if there will be other people at certain raids to help defeat it together. Great for those 5 star raids that you can’t solo, and some 4 stars.