Didn't get sinnoh stone


I thought you were guaranteed a sinnoh stone every 7th day of field research but I’ve just claimed my reward today and only got balls, stardust and XP, I’m so disappointed!


No longer guaranteed


Nope. Now they are random,


Just what we needed, cause it didnt already take MONTHS to get all seperate ones, let alone multiples for meta purposes.


crap idea of niantic.
at least put them in pokestops then


I think they are now. I just got a sun stone from spinning a random gym. So I guess Sinnoh stones will be same now.


It was like this for over a year now


All evolution items were available from stops/gyms since their release.
The Sinnoh stone is the only exception for now.


Oh ok, that’s annoying!


Is it confirmed it’s not a glitch yet that people were unfortunately caught in with their 7 day Quest being cashed in one the day the Lets Go event stopped?
I know people raised tickets to report they didn’t get one. Screen shots I’ve seen of the response look like a generic cut and paste/automated response to me.
Has there been any Offical announcement from Niantic that it is now RNG.


Exactly… I don’t are in a hurry. So I’ve tried today… and I’m without a Sinnoh Stone more.

Well, I would like that they are giving casual in different sites, but it’s the way it is, and we have to live with it…
I think nobody will stop to play, because they haven’t give them a Stone…


I don’t even want to do my 7 day Research Breakthrough on Saturday until we know what we are getting.


Wait, and the result is that you will not know what you get…


@bagguille I know. I want to be surprised. But I would have to wait until 4 pm and I’m sure I’ll know what it will be by then.


Niantic confirmed they would release other means of getting it today or yesterday