Did you capture Mew

  • Caught it
  • Still need ghosts
  • Still need magikarp
  • Playing slow and steady
  • Im banned i cant even find a mon
  • I dont want Mew
  • Mew ran
  • Mew turned into Ditto
  • I caught Shiny Mew FWM GGNORE

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None of them, i still need 2 raids


How do you get stamps if no more special quests. Damn is this a trap!? this aint yugioh!


It’s a 100% catch on the first one from what I am hearing. He can still escape the balls you throw at him, but he won’t run until you catch him. At least, that is what I have been told.


I have video of Mew turning into Ditto and also seen Mew run. I also caught Mew.


So stack Poké Balls because otherwise you don’t have it😆


You get infinit balls.


I need an option to hit a few at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh real? I didn’t know, my bad


I still need to get a 2nd candy from my buddy to complete part 2. My buddy knows I’m switching him with Magicarp, so he is in no hurry to cough out his candy.


i’ve been wanting a cluster-ball for ages now :slight_smile:


Mew who?

From what I’ve read, both Mew and Mew2 seem to be worth getting. But I’ve seen neither hide nor hair of the critter anywhere.


Mew1 not Mew2




Really? That’s so… nasty to Niantic
I’m trying to finish Special Research 4
I’ve lost hope to get Mew now😶




Sure it did.
(if you wanna prove, show a picture of your special research page to see if you completed it, and a picture of your pokedex to show you dont have Mew)


Oh of course, mine turned into a Swinub


SFInd one fail it a d then do it again counts as 2


Then i first need to find a raid