Dialga / Palkia Re-Release


Do you think a re-release of Dialga and/or Palkia may be likely? I have a feeling so as they’re currently doing Giratina, the mascot of Platinum, so it would make sense to re-release the other two Sinnoh mascots right?

Plus I need to get more Dialga candies to max out my Hundo, as I’m saving up on Rare Candies.


Of course. But only we have no idea when.


Giratina returned for Halloween, after Origin form leaves we will likely get either Regigigas or the Tao trio


Or Darkrai after it being made transferrable.


I’m eagerly awaiting their return so I can hopefully finally get some 96% and above. First time around they gave me nothing.


I am waiting for their shiny variants.


Given its mythical status, I would bet EX Raids like Deoxys
But who knows


Also a viable option indeed. Maybe with Giratina Origin shiny during Halloween in normal T5 raids. BUt with NIantic you never know. :slight_smile: