Deoxys EX [email protected] you [email protected] your screenshots



Ammo fully loaded for the 2nd!


How did you get that many Max revives?


Yes, Im ready :joy:
2man attempt here I am



I learnt to dodge! LOL!


Might stick with my Mewtwo crew


The subs bench sucks.


For easy referencing


Honestly the question here should be “WHY do you HAVE that many max revives?”


The answer to that would be mathematical. 1 Max revive equals 1 Revive+1 Max Potion or 1 Revive+1 Hyper potion+ 1 Potion.

Thats why!


Given where I play (central business district of my town) I don’t really think I need to max the whole of my team (but probably will anyway :smiley:) as there are usually multiple full lobbies at hatch.


Yup, use stardust sparingly. Its a new EX Raid, so probably will be full at the lobby anyway.


Yeah but still. All of those combined ive got only a little over 200 :sweat_smile:


What? Not 200 million i hope…:grimacing:


Easy to kill, easy to catch. Purely a distraction from Mewtwo, what a disappointment!


It’s normal and attack formed have a higher attack stat than mewtwo


First raid, we had 11 trainers and it died with almost 150 seconds remaining. My one Tyra (bite/crunch) still had life! The other 5 didnt see action.

Third raid, we did 6 trainers and still had 85 seconds. I had 2 injured Tyras, no dead and 4 unused.


I am almost quitting from POGO!
I hate this game…
All accounts caught of,EXCEPT FOR ME!!:sob::sob::sob:


Not one, and don’t have made any raid


I feel your pain and know exactly what it’s like.

When MewTwo Ex Raids first started I was Raiding the hell out of 4 Ex Eligable Gyms in the local Park. I was L40, had all the Badges and was Gold on all the Gyms. For weeks I never received an Ex Pass while casual and sub L30 players that only Raided the Gyms once repeatedly reported getting Ex Passes on our local Discord.
I finally get my first Ex Pass and after many Gold Razz Curve Excellents my MewTwo runs away, I was gutted.