Decent Mons for the great league


So this is a list of pokemon I have tested out and can say they are good for great league, so lezgo!

Grumpig: Very well rounded, and it has shadow ball, so thats a plus.
Toxicroak: You probably expected this.
Medicham: You must’ve expected this.
Castform: Normal: Tackle Energy Ball.
Fire: Ember Solar Beam.
Water: Water Gun, Hydro Pump, along with Thunder.
Snow: Powder Snow, Blizzard.
Suicune: If you have some fron your Weekly box, power it up to great league standards.
Bellossom: Acid, Leaf Blade, Dazzling Gleam, it works.
Mawile: Bite, Play Rough, lron Head, decent attack stat for that low of cp.
Clefable: Charge Beam, Dazzling Gleam, Psychic, it’s decent.
Raichu: Alola or Kanto form works, just make sure it has Wild Charge.
Tauros: Zen Headbutt, Earthquake, Iron Head.
Eevee: Quick Attack, Dig, Last Resort (Swift if not available)
Azumarill: Very Tanky, Rock Smash, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam.
Gen 1 bug types: any moveset.
Kingler: People have been wanting a better move on this for two years now.
Ivysaur: Solar Beam? Razor Leaf? Perfection has ensued.
Sunflora: Razor Leaf, Solar Beam, Sludge Bomb.

I hope that helps, and keep stacking up on those SS’s!


I’d still recommend Veasaur but thanks for the list.


Nice list but I’ll still use my Scyther with Night Slash.


Zen Headbutt is really bad as a fast move for your Tauros. (Tackle is way better.)