[DEBUNKED AS FALSE] Legendary Birds?


Has anyone else saw this? A person in my area saw it when he opened his game but none of the rest of us have saw it


Have a look at the pig down at the right, that’s NOT any of our Pokemon, it’s a pig…
So, I can’t give any vote to be a true image


Had to make sure I wasn’t crazy. He was starting an argument about us saying he was lying. So forums was the easiest place to take it.


And we/I have to answer to this? Beg a pardon… there are more important things to do.
Next time think if you are not enough to answer to a crazy


Is it bad to ask? It is a forum after all. For discussions. If you can’t handle a simple question someone asks shouldn’t answer or shouldn’t be around.


Forget it, I’m angry, that’s all


The fact that it says thanksgiving weekend and lasts a week says it all.


It is 99.9% fake, cuz:
2.Look at moltres. His model looks like c&p, because he have white like aura thing
3.Moltres and Zapdos have old models
4.Lugia and Hooh models are from internet, from Ideas of legendary items (feathers)


Reasons this is fake:

  1. Pig
  2. Pig
  3. Seriously why is there a Pig??


Nothing to get mad about, just a little naivety.


No its not bad to ask. This is exactly why I rarely comment, there’s always some jerk picking thru every word to prove their “Poke IQ” is higher than everyone elses…


Pig could be added through other apps, its from messenger -_-
Seriously, if thats the only fishy thing to you…