Darkrai - Post and Discuss Your Raid Success / Fails


Bit of a dilemma to be had at the end of this event.
Do you transfer all the junk ones for the double Candy now or do you hang on to them in hope they change the rules allowing them to be traded?


Im gonna keep arround 10 or 15 i think. Ive got enough room (and can still expand if needed) and then ive got a few to trade indeed. It would not suprise me at all if Niantic would do excactly that.


I’m thinking along the same lines of keeping around a dozen.


15/15, only kept the best one and 10-10-10 so that it doesnt come back


So far I’ve gotten 1/20

I was starting to think I’d never get one but it finally happened, not great IV’s but I’ll take it.

Makes every other legendary look like a ratatta.


1/20? Do you lock the circle and wait for it to attack? Or just throw your balls whenever?
You save sooo much on rare candy if you can catch your legendarys.


Did one on way to work a Friday (which ran) and was intending to do a few yesterday (Saturday). Did the one and after taking 20min again 2 days in row waiting for it to be in the right spot to throw I’d lost interest in doing a heap so did a Klink instead and went home.
I don’t mind the difficulty of the battle but the catching side with the amount of side to side shift and hold in the corner is not fun at all and has turned me off chasing them.


Try using a Nanab. It’ll probably break out of the throw, but notice how it reappears right in the center of the screen and doesn’t move again for about 10 seconds. Long enough to hit it with a Golden Razz and a Great or Excellent throw.

Alternating between Nanab and Golden Razz might ‘waste’ every other ball. But almost half of my throws were being airballs, anyway (since it slid side-to-side so often and kept repeating its swoop move instead of swooping and then staying still). Plus, it saves tons of time, because NOT waiting is the key, and it puts me back in control of the encounter (instead of passively waiting for the chance to counter-punch when it finally moves into a good position).

My success rate had been 2 catches out of 6 before adopting this strategy. Since then I’ve caught 49 out of 52. It may not be the ideal method; but it works for me, so I’m sticking with it, at least for now.


Did 3 after Mewtwo ex raids today, caught all 3. Patience is the key, can’t rush throwing balls at all, my friends were trying to catch every one for the double candy regardless of IV, so we played at same style.


My Darkrai-capturing strategy of alternating between Nanabs and Golden Razzes meets a critical obstacle as my supply of Nanabs dwindles to nothing, and I don’t seem to get them any more from opening gifts or spinning stops / gyms.

Before Darkrai came along, I got Nanabs so much that I’d grown used to discarding them by the dozen, just to make room in my items bag to spin another stop or open another gift. Now I barely get 1 a day, if I’m lucky. smh


11/11. Still none better than the 91% but I caught an exact repeat of that one. I also helped my husband get his one and only and just in time too as the weather the next day turned absolutely horrible.


I gave your Nanab tactic a go yesterday when I did one and I think I’m sold on it.
Not I sample size to base any real success on but only using half my allotted balls and and a fraction of the time to get it done has me more enthusiastic to do some more.
I actually caught it on the Nanab with an excellent curve throw. Just another junk 87 One but all Candy are welcomed.

I might even adopt this Nanab tactic on Kyoge if it returns again.


I ended up with 24/24.


Did 3 raids yesterday during Raid Hour. I was 2/3 on catching him, but my son got all 3.


Never mind. Even if I can’t figure out why I was getting about 4 balls fewer to catch the boss last night than I usually do under similar circumstances, I just can’t get my give-a-damn kickstarted to follow up on it.


0/3 Keeps jumping out of balls.


20/20, I dont think I’ll get another chance for raid today so my 96% one will go up


In final measure I raided Darkrai 41 times with my two trainers. All 41 were wins, capturing 34 on one account and 35 on the other.

Admittedly there were 2 or 3 times when either my frustration with the low quality of what I was given to catch or being rushed to get somewhere else in a hurry led to throwing without really trying. But 3 or 4 other failures to capture were serious efforts with nothing but Great or Excellent throws.

Follow-up: I see the T5 has changed to the Regicrud family. I think I’ll stick to whatever T3 or 4 raids look interesting from now until Cobalion takes the stage on Monday.


Result: 1-1 last and only, with an IV of 93%, so I’m quite happy


12/12 and only a 91%, but hey, that’s not so bad. I can work with it.