Cyndaquil Day.... No one expected this!


2x xp and 2x stardust :neutral_face:.

RIP 3x dust…


2x stardust is still better than nothing, will Lure still last 3 hours?


First double bonus on 2 different items


Always will


But there’s nothing in the announcement and on the event page about lures

and that makes my believe they will either skip that this time (due to both XP and stardust bonus) or maybe they are planning another overlapping event with longer lures (we already had that with 6 hour lures during… was it Valentines event? not sure)


Any dust multiplier is good.


Oh. Hmm. Not sure then.


They message in the game news says lures will last 3 hours.




I expected this. We were busy catching Beldums and my son asked me what next Community Day would be. I told it either be Cyndiquil or Totadile.


Talking about the bonus lol


This community day looks OK for me,but not the best community day in my opinion.The eevee Weekend CD was really good for me,as it is not 1 day but 2 days.If they do this with every Community Day it would be very nice.


Meh, at least I wont have to desperately try to get a good IV one


My boy still has Cyndiquil as his buddy because he doesn’t have Typhlosion yet. Me? Doesn’t mean much to me but to him it’s important, so we will gladly participate.


I liked a different part of lots of cd, for example

I liked the quests for squirtle


The quest for possible shiny sunglasses Squirtle.