Current Issues with Pokemon GO


1 .I’m having worse bugs than summer 2016 right now.
2. I’m trying to catch a pokemon and my game crashes and doesn’t load or I can’t spin a stop.
3. So many events now are just about features and no bonuses like xp or dust or anything.
4. I can’t find a single new pokemon (combee, purugly, glameow, sheildon, craindos)

What do you guys think is wrong right now?


I understand my game won’t let me hit stops


^^^yes, I’ve noticed that.


sometimes it happens that I thought my phone’s touch screen function had stopped. Then when I touch outside of the PoGo app window, only then that I conclude my phone is still working fine. So I just force off the apps, and then start it all over again. If it happens 2-3 times in a row, I restart the phone. Good thing, the problem is solved. I hope the bug, if it’s a bug, would disappear with the updates. Won’t bother reporting it to Niantic, thinking someone or a lot are already been bombarding them with reports. :grin:


Recently the game is really buggy, sometimes when I click the gym, the spinning disk keeps in spinning and nothing happens, I have to restart the game. Sometimes when I spin the pokestop, it does not turn purple, I spin again, it gives me network error without any item dispensed