Current and highest stardust


I’m barely above half a million…


I hit 300k recently That is the highest I have ever had
I rarely use stardust


5k dust, can I have some of @MrSparkle’s dust?




Haha sounds like u need some


Maybe I should stop powering up everything I see…


Still just floating above 2 million even after powering stuff up.



I haven’t been below 2 million in months, but got 2 Sinnoh Stones yesterday so I maxed out those monsters.



You have everything!


Three million in 8 days… where do you even grind man :joy: ill go there in february

Ill be in the area then.


Paris mall my friend. Best place to play in the world


Paris mall is a dust pot!!!


I can hear you speaking en Francais when I read that.


Haha , enchante monsieur


What mall?

The last time i was in centreville Paris i kind of grinded at Tuilerieën and the jardin des champs elysees, Some good spawns (lots of ralts, and a lapras), and lots of Unown for games week Paris.

Anyhow, update


Nice to meet you too, but I failed French in high school twice.


Got within 200K of 3Mil once before but I went on a Power Up spree and slid back to 2Mil real quick.
This time I’ve managed to get it across the line as there is nothing that really needs to be be Powered up because it serves a use right now.
I will spend all the surplus to 3Mil bit by bit on my 100% Easpeon and 100% Umbreon as I do want them Maxed out for collection. I would like to have a Maxed out collection of 100% Eevolutions. I’ve got 2 100% Jolteons and enough 100% Eevees but holding off on the random nature of getting Vaporeon and Flareon until I’ve done Leafeon and Glaceon as I’m betting there will be a guaranteed way to get those 2.


Just got my dust back over 2 million on CD