Current and highest stardust


Uuuhhh who plays pogo at 1 am???


Every second week and nearly all weekends I’m playing at 1am.


1 million dust in 3 days! How long do you play every single day?


I’m not at 3 million yet, and don’t see much point in trying to hoard dust. I still don’t see much point in holding it.


Depends on the day. But I was going particularly hard during the stardust event. And when I’m at work I run the game with gotcha so even when I’m not playing I’m playing


Now it goes my work days are all gym battles and catching monsters. My off days are Raids, PvP, and catching monsters. I’ve been at 2.1-2.3 million stardust for a few months now.


How many catches do you have in total?


Him like every day :upside_down_face:





I doubt I’ll be going above 500,000 Stardust at any point from here on out for quite some time. I’m trying to get to that, level up one Pokemon fully, and then return to 500,000. That way, I can fully level up at least two Pokemon quickly should the need arise. It also allows me to make a trade with my husband to give him a Shiny should I need to.


Been playing since game started and I’m like 1/3 the catches Mr. Sparkle has!


How many catches has nothing to do with “Current and highest stardust”…


@NotanotherKangaskhan @Thorend
Gotta catch up :joy:


I don’t think I have any hope of getting any where near Mr Sparkles’s catch number. I don’t have a place like that Paris Mall to farm Pokémon :disappointed:.
Most days now for the next few months will be between 30-45 degrees C making day time play and collecting lots of Pokemon in a day a bit harder.


Not even going to attempt to match 26M dust. I’m happy with my 2M dust.



Back on the 400k mark


This is the highest amount of stardust I’ve ever had. Now I’m going to power up some Pokemon.