Cross-generational Evolutions Released!



Cross-Generational Evolutions and Sinnoh Stone were just released!


Have you found the stone?



Not all evolutions are available yet. But a lot of them are and they require the stone.

Bit disappointed in that requirement


How do you get the sinnoh stone? Hopefully through gifting and pokestops, rather than raids.


Pokestops I think.

@Mapman42 I’m looking into it.

@Mapman42 did the cp change fir you? Not for me


7 day box gives it.


Like @Pokemon said, 7th day breakthrough award will be giving Sinnoh Stone as a reward


I hope it doesn’t give out just one…


I feel like it will


It does


Looks like all the move specific evolutions didn’t get their evolution released yet.


So does the seven day research breakthrough reward reset if you miss a day or something? This is the first time doing this was really important for me to evolve a Pokémon… so I want to know any conditions on the breakthrough rewards.


You get a stamp every day, and you can get to the box at your own pace.


But can you also find it in pokestops? Like it’ll be a very rare find but is is possible?


No one has found it, so no.


What’s a stamp? What does it do?


Completing a field research gives a stamp.
You can get up to one stanp a day. 7 stamps give you a box, which has a legendary pokemom usually. The bix also gives xp, usefull items, and a sinnoh stone.


1 every week is too low for me, I feel like 2 every week would be better.


Will it stop giving out Sinnoh Stones after a while?