COVID-19, how does it affect your pokémon go Community?


Ok all schools in my country are closed until April 6th.


My kids’ schools are closed too.


Things are starting to get more tense here. Raiders are getting fewer in number–did an EX Raid with only 6 people, the fewest since middle of last year–and everyone is more focused on adjusting to eventual isolation. I’m beginning to think that my own work will shut down for a couple weeks.


Schools are closed in San Diego and the mayor has now urged bars/clubs to do the same. Restaurants are being told to only allow half capacity. It seems like we’re heading towards a national quarantine.

So, yeah, not much going on here in SoCal for Pokemon Go. lol


Well since both my wife and I are teachers we technically have a 4 week break (2 of the weeks were already planned for spring break) since pretty much all the schools in NorCal are closed.

I haven’t been doing much PoGo but there are a few dedicated active people still playing in my area


Well, it just hit home. I’ve just been classified as presumptive positive, so now I’m under quarantine. This is going to get weird.


@Arem1771 do you have corona? If so, could you give updates on your experience?


Presumptive positive means that I’m exhibiting symptoms, but not actually tested. A few days ago, I had a fever and a cough on top of other cold-like symptoms. My husband called the hospital to use the hotline and I was referred to a nurse. After documenting the symptoms, they called me back today for more questions. They were relieved to hear that my fever was gone, but were concerned enough about the cough still being around so I was told to stay in my apartment for 7 days, or 3 days after the symptoms dissipated, whichever was the longest cumulatively.


My wife now gets to stay home and still get paid,


Business as usual for our Factory atm.
Daughters school is still open as normal too.
All sports professional and amateur are being postponed or cancelled.


Work is starting to get influenced now. Were running our factory on the minimum required number of operators for normal operations. Technical staff is still on site for now, but the offices are near empty.
If things get worse were gonna go to 12 hour shifts. If it really spirals out of control (thinking Italian levels) were gonna shut down everything but 1 steamboiler and literally have 1 operator on site. As fun as that would be as a story to tell the interns 10 years from now, the reason is not worth it at all.

PoGO isnt affected too much yet. It helps that Thunderus is arround now, and last weekend was a rerun of (shiny) Giratina. Im hoping to get shiny Cobalion fast (preferably via PVP) so i can go back to spending 1 pass a day at Timburr. Hopefully Sacred Sword doesnt make it too good so we dont have to hunt it for that.


The whole area around San Jose and San Francisco have closed all the public facilities and parks and are asking people to stay home except for essential things. Police enforcement is not happening, yet. I parked in store parking lots near spawns I know of, and wasn’t rousted for it.

Local Discord has stated that we shouldn’t use it to organize raids until the “shelter in place” orders are lifted, and the bots that handle the reporting of raids, quests, wild encounters, etc. are currently shut off.


I heard about what happened to your area. Local city channels in Discord are still operating, but recommend players to raid inside their own vehicles instead of gathering in groups


This virus is no joke. Last night, I spiked a fever of 101.5, and I felt absolutely horrible. I was taken to the hospital today because my husband feared I was developing pneumonia. The nurses did say that they weren’t going to test me, but they were all the more adamant to make sure I was following CoVID-19 protocols: stay at home, wash my hands.


Keep us posted, please. Hoping you recover soon and get back to catching Pokémon, instead of virus.


Get well soon.

Niantics announcement from last night save me a dillema. Were not in lockdown here in The Netherlands, and its actually ok to go outside. Just keep your distance (1,5 meters) and dont go in large groups (>100). But a gathering of 20 people all playing PoGO together surely would have caught some attention, so i wasnt to sure about organizing starting points this week. This saves me from having to choose myself.
And honestly i think its a good decision. I dont want to see T5 raids gone all together cause spontaneous raids that pop up with 1 hour notice shouldnt attract too much of a crowd. The planned raid hour could have.


Or both in the case of Deoxys. XD


I would love to see the trading statistics since limits on social activities began to spread. I wish Niantic would use this as an opportunity to test lifting the prohibition against long-distance trading.


At least do remote trades with your Lucky Friends


That would certainly be nice.