Completed the gen 1 dex!




congratulations! I still need farfetch’d and khangaskan


You need to charge your phone


Oh yeah lol
I have a batteru that can last 1 day


I need mewtwo and Kangaskan remember @KingQ07 when you said I am better than you


You still are
I didnt hatch tauros i traded


I still need khanghaskhan and mr mime but congrats


And that as a rural :grin::grin:
My fellow rurals, YOU CAN DO IT


Hatch them eggs and go to GO Fest



I still have to try hatching a Kangaskan and Mr. Mine, or get someone I know that still plays to trade me.



I need Kang.


Just hatch another Farfetch’d today, still need Kanga…




Of course, that is the first thing us smart people look at, not the content.


I only need to hatch the bird and mine will be complete. Quite exciting for a rural player that just got into the game in late January.


Know that feeling :stuck_out_tongue::sunglasses::nerd_face:
But i have a super battery so i could play 1 hour more with that


Same my dude my battery is awesome we should trade if we ever meet and see who lasts the longest


My son hatched a Mr. Mime this morning and completed the Gen 1 Pokedex.


Tell him @pokemon says congrats


Hatch another Farfetch’d and still no kanga