Community problems. Can anyone suggest how to deal with it?


Hello there.
I have an issue with my community. I live in an island. We have about 160-180 members and about 30 gyms. I’ve done the math and we should have enough spots for every single member in the city I live. My problem is a group of 4 people inside the community who think they have the power to do whatever they want and be the big kahunas of the place. They do the following things:

  • Chase people to know what team,level, what pokemons they have.
  • Get all gyms blue because in their heads “The city should be blue”.
  • Get vengeful when someone does something that in their eyes is unpleasant (like take a gym out, find an 100% and not sharing cus you just checked later or not feeling like sharing).
  • Controling who does Ex-raid and who doesn’t ( lol)
  • If you do a secondary account just for fun ( I mean an account that doesnt bother anyone else).
  • Intimidate everyone who is in their way with verbal insults and false accusations. ( Therefore manipulating the whole community against those they don’t like)

My problem is I am annoyed by this type of people and don’t know what to do anymore. I try to avoid them all the time but I cant get the fully free satisfaction of playing the game because they are always making some drama or acting stupid with gyms. One time they went all near me and my bestfriend to scream at us because we didn’t tell them we had a secondary account, lol. My secundary account is just for the fun of it. Catching “new” pokemons to add to the pokedex and have some fun doing it.
I attended the last safari zone in dortmund, germany as such I made the favor to catch corsolas and unknows to a few close friends inside the community and since then all us (who went there or recieved a few pokemons) have been targets of bullying, from not letting us recieve coins, making us look like “crazy evil people” who dont help the community and are breaking it, basically they are accusing us to do the things that they do. Shaving, Controling people, Not supporting the community.
How do I deal with this? Honestly my first thought is just stop playing because I am not in the game for this kind of stress and drama but just to enjoy the experience of getting to know people, to have opportunities to travel more , catch pokemon and most importantly to have fun. I really don’t want to quit but if this keeps on going I might just quit. How do I deal with this?

Most people in the community by the way don’t care cus most of em play casually or don’t want to get into trouble.
Just what can I do?


If there are enough people that feel or are being treated the same as you it would be best if all of you raise reports in the game to Niantic under the poor play section. In order for any action to be taken against these people Niantic are going to need a large list of complaints before they they investigate further or take action against the individuals.
One report or only 1-2 of you wont see any action as I bet Niantic receive 100’s maybe 1000’s of frivolous complaints from bitter people without any real basis. You’ll need your issue to stand out from the time wasters for them to notice.
If your able to send any damning evidence of the poor behavior that will help your case.

Failing that your only choice is to get your group as big or bigger than theirs or walk away from the game.


I would record them and put them on youtube. Send video to Niantic. Worth a try.


If I lived on an island with only 30 gyms, I would try to make at least 20 of them blue everyday. But at the same time, I would encourage turnover and put beatable monsters in to defend them. I would never bully the other team. This game doesn’t work right if one team is way more dominant than the rest. I like going out each day to battle the other teams.


Turn into Team Rocket and do what you want. Imo getting stupid over a game shows how truly childish a group can get. I bet ONE in their group is the instigator and the rest are followers. I would laugh as loud as I possibly could in their face.


Dude just make it all red or yellow depending on what team you are


so i have the same problem with my community

i even messaged niantic with proof and all i got was a automatic message even though i had proof > .>

so niantic wont do anything just accept it


Capture their gyms.

If they confront you and you stand up for yourself there is nothing they can do.


well i do take their gym
and i did and they kicked me from the raid chat

.> niantic needs to clean up the community


Niantic will not take action or react to 1 person complaining. The circumstances and evidence would need to be right at the extreme end of the scale for that to happen.
There wouldn’t be many people left playing the game if the reacted to every single complaint.
There would need to be very similar complaints from many others with the same complaint and evidence from Niantic to take notice and look into it further. It’s a weight of numbers game.


i mean the thing i report was the person taking a picture of me when i was walking out of a store unaware and not knoowing that he was doing it then posting it to the chat
i would think they would do something


Yeah, that might not be a niantic issue, if they’re taking pictures of you without your knowing that might be more of an issue you might want to bring up with law enforcement


whats the point of having that sub set of a report if they wont do shit about

also i did threaten him with legal action if he did not leave me alone


:man_shrugging:t3: If they’re doing more it could be considered harassment, granted I’m thinking of California/US, may work differently if you live somewhere else


Sorry, that is not a Niantic issue.
3rd Party Game Chat rooms are nothing to do with Niantic so they will not get involved. If things escalated directly into game play related matters that can be proven they might take that report into account when deciding if or what action they might take.
What you’ve described is a privacy/civil matter and is the domain of law enforcement.


I’m glad I play in a good community. Did 1 Mewtwo raid today and there was good mix of all 3 teams there.


you do realize they actually have a report button for real life behavior Please look it up :}


Well aware of the report function thanks
Once again your issue is not a Niantic one.


since they told me to fuck off and ignored it
seems like a big problem with the company :} :}