Community Pokemon type community challenge by Pokédex order


Link To other type community challenge with completely different rules

These are the rules:
Starting with normal types then fighting.
The first person posts the first normal type Pokémon in the Pokédex than the next posts the next. If there is a shiny variant post the normal then the shiny variant. It is from the Pokédex not from the Pokémon box. When all normal types have been posted move to fighting and then something else will specify later. First post pidgey then pidgeotto then pigeot then ratatta and so on. Only repeat after 6 hours if it is a regional Pokémon and it’s not been posted then can do two posts ina row





'Original' Pokémon 'Type' Community Challenge!

As you want, play your challenge, and we play the other… :joy::joy::joy:


There similar just of different things so do both


I was gonna post a Rattata, now I know how it works, but I don’t have one, sorry.


It’s pokedex so ratatta is next in Pokédex and your saying you don’t have that


Oh sorry, looks like I don’t understand after all. I’ll post it straight away. Apologies.


There you are…:slight_smile:






To explain this challenge by comparison to the other.

This challenge:
Pokedex order by type, so all normal types by pokedex order, then fighting etc.

Other challenge:
11 pokemon of each type, then move on to the next one. No specific order.

One of my earliest good Pokemon was a Wigglytuff. Also was my 2nd pokemon over 1000cp.


Is this one right? No one posted for a while so I wondered…


I don’t really understand this challenge. I wouldn’t know what to post next.


The next ‘Normal’ as appears on the Pokédex. I think. Taking turns.


YEs correct