Community day theory


The later you arrive, the more shinies you get
Alternatively, the further you travel within the time

I have some evidence to back this up
I have so far got less shinies than my friend, every community day we have both participated in.

All those times my friend has had to travel further, and usually only arrives for the last hour.


Doubt it works like that.


Mmmh, the shiny(s) I found have been allways between the first catches, later on I have not found more…
How does this fits in your theory?


I noticed the same, indeed.


This fits well.
My friend caught 5 in a row, then none for 40 remaining spawns on the event.
I caught one on the 6th one, then had a gap of 80 and 2h30 before another.


Highly doubt this, had people travel 30+ miles to my town and they get 3-5 shinies and I got 9… also never seems to w9rk for youtubers

whyd how would niantic code for this? It offers no benefit to them or the players and how would they track each players start location and distance travelled? Would you have to have logged in before you got to your location for this to work?

Can we see the data too? I’m more than capable and happy to run statistical tests to see if it significant


Start in one location, move to another, and get more shinies than everyone else at the second. I doubt it, but it’s possible


I doubt it is significant.
In saying that,
Dratini, 5/5, right had 30 mins, left had 3 hours, right travelled 5 miles, left travelled 0,2mi.
Mareep, 5/6 right had an hour, left had 3 hours, right travelled 6,7 miles, left travelled 0,5mi.
Charmander 2/5 right had 25 mins, left had 3 hours, right travelled 10,1 miles, left travelled 0,05 miles.

As i said, i doubt it is significant, but in looking at that, it may be evidence for the idea of early shinies.

Notably each time we were in the same place catching every event pokemon.


No wrong. The tren is defiantly more in first hour. I inwos one one all events about 8 first hour 1 after I have same trend so do nearly everyone else in my group


I have noticed more in the first half hour of the event. It’s probably just coincidence though


for mareep didn’t get a shiny till the last hour of the event


For Shiny Charmander, I caught one in the first half hour, then nothing for the next hour and a half, then caught three in the last hour. Four shinies out of 126 seen, so about 3%.


Nah, me and 4 friends all walked the same distance for the same time and caught the same amount of charmander, yet we all got varying amounts of shinies


My friend always only arrives for the last hour, but catches comparable or far higher amoints of shiny pokemon.


I think that is just a conincidence, there are always 4 of us for each community day and we do the full 3 hours. We all end up with about 4/5 shinies each on average where we live, however on the Mareep day my partner thought he wasn’t going to get one at all and only managed to get one about 2 hours in whereas the rest of us got the usual amount.


I always catch my only shiny at the last of CD


Check clusters. Espcially of 3’s 4’s and 6’s and when they spawn on top each other


You know im a rural right?
Spawns are are for me
And im quite unlucky idk why


Wasnt talking to anyone specific.


Oh sorry ok